Best place to find mining veins?

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User Info: Wuyunk

5 years ago#1
I want to go mining for ores, but I haven't come across one mine in my 20hrs of gameplay yet >_< Lots of caves with no veins in them, but no actual mines :(

Does anyone know some good mines so I can go look them up and deplete them? :D

User Info: LateForTeaTime

5 years ago#2
Bumping this for you. Also want an answer. Anyone found good spots or can direct to a guide with them?

User Info: udoma

5 years ago#3
There's a phenomenal Ebony mine next to an Orc Stronghold just SE of Windhelm
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User Info: DotiDweller

5 years ago#4

I've just been exploring and heading to the mines as they show up on the map.  Plus, I looked up a list of mines and the ores they contained online and it gave directions for them (if you're interested).  I didn't use those directions, I decided to just explore until I hit a point where I can't do any smithing because I can't find any.

User Info: TuffEnuff81

5 years ago#5
What ore you looking for?

Theres a mine just North of Whiterun that has around 15 Iron Veins.

User Info: RampageRalf

5 years ago#6
I was wondering this as well, also do you need the pickaxe equiped or just to be in your inventory?
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User Info: Jkickit

5 years ago#7
I play Horde, have a mic, and am a team player. Invite!
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User Info: Wuyunk

5 years ago#8
Cool, ill go check that whiterun one out after I get done following this farmer and his cow to see if he really does go and give it to the giants lol

User Info: woogiee

5 years ago#9
Theres a thread on where to find all types of Ore on this or the PS3 board, don't remember. Search ore.
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User Info: shadowfreeze88

5 years ago#10
You can also equip a pickaxe and swing at it to mine the ore slightly faster then using it out of your inventory. You can even dual wield the pickaxes and go ape**** crazy on dat ore.
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  3. Best place to find mining veins?

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