"Shadow Gulum-Ei" Glitch

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User Info: Silver Bearings

Silver Bearings
5 years ago#1
***GLITCH*** - Gulum-Ei disappears after leaving the tavern and the map does not properly pinpoint his location.

***REASON*** - If you do not get outside quickly enough, Gulum-Ei somehow climbs over the main wall, jumps, gets stuck, and cannot be seen. (I saw him glitching up the wall.)

***SOLUTION*** - Get outside before Gulum-Ei glitches all of the way up the wall. If you are able to see him, he will slide back down and proceed normally. If he glitches over the wall, re-load your previous auto-save.

This worked for me, but there may be other ways to solve this glitch.
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User Info: da_gama

5 years ago#2
That glitch almost happened to me, but I didn't realize until now it was a glitch :|
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User Info: justinbomberman

5 years ago#3
Happened to me and I didn't get a chance to reload a previous save. Any word if this is going to be fixed?

User Info: Silver Bearings

Silver Bearings
5 years ago#4
No word on if it will be fixed. I had to re-load a manual save (all auto-saves were post-glitch) and lost about 60 minutes of play. I manually save often, just in case.
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User Info: PresidentEvilNL

5 years ago#5
I had the same thing. I wanted to shadow him but I was 2 seconds to late. I had to replay 2 hours of gameplay.

User Info: kosmic2021

5 years ago#6
Lost him in the warehouse. Followed him to the warehouse but all I got was a location indicator. Went into the grotto and it updated my quest to confront him, but still just have an indicator somewhere in the back wall.

User Info: trongjimong

5 years ago#7
I really hope theres going to be a fix because now I cant play the thieves guild on my thief character that ive already put 20 hours into.

User Info: Ricotta_47

5 years ago#8
I also encountered this glitch and figured out a fix. I couldn't find this anywhere else, so there should be plenty of people finding this handy:

Once you realize he's glitched, follow his normal path as seen in this video:


Once you get to the very end, where he finally confronts him in the video, open the console by pressing "~". Type the following text:

"player.placeatme 00013284"

He will appear and continue as though you had been trailing him the whole time.

Now we can all continue the thief guild chain!

User Info: Silver Bearings

Silver Bearings
5 years ago#9
^ - Thank you, but this is the Xbox360 forum. I'm assuming PC people will appreciate this, though.
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User Info: thatsimonsguy

5 years ago#10
*** Easiest Fix ***

Tilde for console, type "movetoqt TG04"

Ker blam.
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  3. "Shadow Gulum-Ei" Glitch

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