Weapons for pure mage

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User Info: Galvatron Zero

Galvatron Zero
5 years ago#1
What's the best weapon load-out for a pure mage? 1H+Shield, DW, 2H? Dagger, sword...?
Galvatron Zero

User Info: PapaRosario23

5 years ago#2
Weapons? Pure mage? Magic + magic.
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User Info: hawkeye2188

5 years ago#3
Pure mages dont use real weapons...
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User Info: Samuel 025

Samuel 025
5 years ago#4
Lol, pure mage with a solid weapon. YOU ARE SO FUNNAI.
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User Info: zer0din

5 years ago#5
If you're doing destruction magic as your primary damage dealer, I wouldn't even worry about weapons at all. Dual casted destruction will stagger enemies with the Impact perk, which is insanely useful. Also, destro is pretty dang strong on its own when you get up to Adept level spells and above.

I've yet to use any conventional weapon in the game and I am just fine.

You could also use "Bound" weapons, which are summoned using Conjuration.
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User Info: BMAN270

5 years ago#6
For a PURE mage? I'd have to say that you start with either dual destruction spells or one destruction spell and a ward spell in the other. Then when magika runs low swap to a scroll in one hand and a staff/Daedric weapon in the other. But to answer this question properly you would really have to know your idea of a pure mage...

In my mind, a pure mage is someone who doesn't use armor or weapons of any kind other then staffs OR summond Daedric weapons... Some would say that a pure mage can still use daggers or small swords and wear light armor so they would dissagree with my load-out. It's really up to you how you feel would best suit your character and how you want to play...
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User Info: WhereDidItGo

5 years ago#7
The only weapons I have on my mage is a woodsman axe and a pick axe.
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User Info: DraconisRex

5 years ago#8
Galvatron Zero posted...
What's the best weapon load-out for a pure mage? 1H+Shield, DW, 2H? Dagger, sword...?

Weapon? Pure mage?

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User Info: GreenMage7

5 years ago#9



Bound Sword.

Raised dead.

Summoned Astronachs.

Purple rain.

User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#10
Pure mage?

Either moar magic, or bound weapons, I'd assume.

Or, a magic draining weapon for when your mp runs low. Probably best used along with sneak and backstab, since there's spells to aid your sneakiness.

Or just chug magic potions... Alchemy is the friend of any mage.
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