Esbern's potion (Dragon Infusion Perk?)

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  3. Esbern's potion (Dragon Infusion Perk?)

User Info: CleatusTJones

5 years ago#1
So at some point in the game Esbern asks you to bring him a dragon bone and scale. I do so, and he makes me a potion. The description of the potion says it grants the Dragon Infusion Perk. So I drink the potion, and nothing happens that I can see. I don't see any effects from it under the active effects screen, I don't see any additional perks in the perks screen. Does anyone have any idea what this does? Is it a glitch that it's not doing anything?

User Info: punkrokfairytai

5 years ago#2
bump for answers

User Info: Xel the Ancient

Xel the Ancient
5 years ago#3
Take 25% less melee damage from Dragons
Ubiquitous Master of the AMA

User Info: Shah138

5 years ago#4
Also is there any way to remove this from my quest list? | |

User Info: Kythlyn

5 years ago#5

I came across this bug as well...

Potion does nothing. Miscellaneous task does not complete.

Any solutions?
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  3. Esbern's potion (Dragon Infusion Perk?)

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