People you can't kill!

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User Info: high0utput

5 years ago#1
So....I've decided to side with the Stormcloaks. I havent completed the quest line for them yet. In my travels I ran across an Imperial camp. Figuring I was against them, I decided to kill them all.
Well, to my disappointment, I cant!! The "leader" of the group, who had a name I cant remember, dosen't die!

Yes, have some....

User Info: pakathecat

5 years ago#2
Yep, I attacked the Stormcloak Jarl in his bed in the palace because I was mad that he didn't have better loot lying around. ;-) Actually, was just testing it, figured he wouldn't be as he is so plot-critical. Interesting thing is, after getting back up he wasn't mad at me, no guards came or anything. Yet another potential skill leveling exploit there, I guess.

The kids they really had no choice on I guess, too much potential controversy. But yet the kids can take out hits on you if you steal from them; THAT is annoying!

As an aside, the Jarl should can his housecarl. That never would have happened with Lydia. She sits there and watches me sleep!

User Info: howdyneighbor24

5 years ago#3
I beat the quest line and...


Ulfric tells you to wipe out the rest of the Imperials that are hiding in the mountains (these locations are basically the same as the Stormcloak army camps you go to). Can kill everyone but the Legates. I've gone to 2 and can't kill em. Since Ulfric tells you to look for them maybe you have to find them all? There's no journal entry about it do who knows. Maybe it has to do sonethig with DLC
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  3. People you can't kill!

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