Hjalti's Sword

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User Info: 0xHakux0

6 years ago#1
Where in the world do I go to get rid of this thing?

User Info: AgentGv01

6 years ago#2
There is an inn called Old Hroldan to the South West of where you got the sword atSperment's Bluff.

So how about helping me in return and telling me how you got the gate open, I can't get to the sword I killed everyone so far but there is a locked gate and I can't find a way to get it open as it looks like I need a switch or something to open it. It's in the room with the Hagraven.

User Info: AgentGv01

6 years ago#3
Ah never mind found the trap switch that you have to place something on it to keep the gate open.

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