Glass armour locations?

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User Info: Dwayne55

6 years ago#1
Hi, does anyone know the location of some glass armour? I've not seen ANY at all so far in my game... Thanks.
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User Info: Gamernut35

6 years ago#2
I found a glass chest piece in the location for the first mage guild (College) quest at a place called Soarthal I think? It was hidden so you'll have to search, you could also level your smithing to 70 and make your own.
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User Info: Wstonefi

6 years ago#3
You need to be around level 25-30 before you start finding glass armor as random loot in chests and such. If you want it earlier than that, smithing is the way to go. Just be warned that power-leveling smithing has been known to ruin the game for some people, because once you make the best armor for yourself, you no longer get that same sense of excitement & accomplishment when you find better gear in dungeons or whatever.

User Info: sunburnt11011

6 years ago#4
I found an awesome glass glove with 40% incr to bow dmg in a fort after killing all the vampires inside. I was around lvl 28. On another note, I found Dragonplate armor when i was level 21.
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  3. Glass armour locations?

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