Fus feim yol ( spoilers )

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User Info: Uncleseb

6 years ago#1
What one should I learn from the grey beards leader an what they do?

And what do you people kit Lydia out in? Should you make her join the blades I did?

User Info: thehikikomori

6 years ago#2
Can't answer the first question since I haven't met the Greybeards yet.
As to the second, I gave her a set of Orcish armor since thats the highest armor I can currently craft.

User Info: MyExtraAccount

6 years ago#3
The first one isn't permanent. You meditate on words which can just give some effects, they can be changed back at any time.

User Info: Seantkd92

6 years ago#4
Fus decreases how much you are staggered and increases how much the enemy is staggered by 25%. Yol increases fire damage by a certain percent, 20 or something. Not sure what Feim does because it didn't give me an active effect when I chose it for some reason. Anyway, you can see what they do in your active effects and switch them out whenever you want.
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User Info: Uncleseb

6 years ago#6
Ok chose feim gives me 10% critical with dragons

User Info: Zhumos

6 years ago#7
The 10% more with dragons comes from talking to esbern and getting the blessing off him, you should notice it only lasts for 5 days. The dragon also said it means fade which has nothing to do with dragons lol. I am also unsure as to what it does, i thought it might have something to do with the shout that makes you ethereal but there is no active effect that appears for it

User Info: DrakoVongola1

6 years ago#8
That actually has an effect?

I'll be switching to Yol now, I used Feim thinking it was a free Word of Power for Become Ethereal.
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User Info: dyingspartan

6 years ago#9
this is goin off memory but fus gave like 25% chance to stagger and 25% reduced stagger for the player while yol increased fire dmg done by the fire breath shout by 25% while feim did 10% crit to dragons and they u can change them whenever you want
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