Where can I buy/get some lockpicks?

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  3. Where can I buy/get some lockpicks?

User Info: Keyblade660

5 years ago#1
I wasted around 20 on two master chests -_-
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User Info: DrJawless

5 years ago#2
thieves guild, or normal vendors hold one or two. Or hit some bandits.
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User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
5 years ago#3
You can buy a ton from that woman in the thieves guild.

User Info: Noble_Hawk_77

5 years ago#4
If you've joined the thieves guild there are a lot of chests with a few lockpicks in each that you can just take. Otherwise you can just pickpocket random people and hope that they have some.
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User Info: blacklabel357

5 years ago#5
Everytime I go to a shop, I typically buy all the merchant has, so I never run out, i think I have close to 120 or so right now.
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  3. Where can I buy/get some lockpicks?

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