Clarifications about alchemy god mode

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User Info: srt4399

6 years ago#1
To make your character super god mode, do you make potions to increase your enchant skill, then enchant things with a higher smithing increase, then drink smithing potions?

I'm pretty sure this is right but I want to be positive before I invest the time

User Info: sloth_of_doom

6 years ago#2
you enchant with fortify alchemy and you make fortify enchant potions, you only do smithing on the very last set you decide to make

User Info: jammymacster

6 years ago#3
How I'm pretty sure it's done is you smith some alchemy gear, then create an enchanting potion, use it to enchant stronger alchemy gear, use that to create an even stronger enchanting potion, repeat as much as you want (I'm not aware of a limit). Once your happy create some uber strong smithing gear with your super strong enchanting potion. You can also use to get other super high enchanting gear.

I think this is how it's done anyway. I've never tried it myself.
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  3. Clarifications about alchemy god mode

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