One Handed easy leveling?

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User Info: Acky_316

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, I can't seem to find that long thread about easy ways to level skills. Does anyone recall the easy way to raise One Handed? I think it had something to do with the Greybeards.

User Info: bibfortuna25

6 years ago#2
Attack things.
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User Info: FactionsJim

6 years ago#3
Go to that orphanage in Riften. Attack things. These things can't die so you hardly have to move.

User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

6 years ago#4

"All combat skills (Destruction, One Handed/Two Handed)

Put the difficulty all the way up, cast a Frost Atronach spell and wail on it. Or, do the Dark Brotherhood quest to acquire Shadowmere and put the difficulty all the way up and wail it. Once it it enters combat, heal it when it reaches low health then wail on it some more."

User Info: Bizwick01

6 years ago#5
Obtain shadowmere from the dark brotherhood. This horse has a really high health regeneration rate. Hit him and keep hitting him. He wont attack or go against you. Just make sure not to kill him and to do it in a safe area with no enemies
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User Info: FrozenHELL78

6 years ago#6
also works on normal companions, turn difficulty up and start wailing, when their hp gets low heal them for easy restoration level ups
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User Info: Usurpationblitz

6 years ago#7
Why can't people just play the game normally? Why stand around and slashing at things to level it up. Play the game and have fun. It's not fun standing around hitting things over and over.
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User Info: Tarentula

6 years ago#8
FJXIX posted...
Go to that orphanage in Riften. Attack things. These things can't die so you hardly have to move.

This is bull, I've tried it and I kept hitting "through" them. Saw the health bar but no damage was registered.

User Info: DarkLord_Inglip

6 years ago#9
Grip it then thwack it all over those wolves faces. Repeat until satisfied.

User Info: berriesisdead

6 years ago#10
When i took the Stormcloaks side and started their quests. I think it was the last or second to last quest. You will know, you breach a fort of the Imperials and there is like this big courtyard. Enemies will start pouring in. What's interesting though is if you don't proceed to the objective, the enemies continue to spawn and they will respawn forever or until you move on. When I did this I was around level 30 and had health around 300. I could take hit after hit without really hurting me, which was leveling my heavy armor. Pull up my shield every now and then to level up some block. Same for the one handed. After 10 minutes or so you begin to realize where they will spawn so you can get to them before the people with you kill them.
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