Should I become a Werewolf?

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User Info: WeskerTeam

5 years ago#1

I can't decide if I should or not. It is still early in my game, I am only lvl 25.

Also I don't want the game to become really easy because then it won't be very fun. I actually gave up the double dog trick because it was making things much easier, (and louder).

So I was hoping people could weigh the pros and cons for me and give their personnel opinion.

User Info: Undying_Will

5 years ago#2
Werewolves can't get diseases but also can't get the rested bonus. No real down side in my opinion.
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User Info: DjinnKazama

5 years ago#3
Yes, do it.
You don't have to use it, and you can cure yourself of it at the end of the quest chain.

done and done.
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User Info: HellJumper_SK

5 years ago#4
There is no downside to become one, you choose when you want to turn into one. You are also immune to desease. Plus its very easy to reverse.
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User Info: sharkattack514

5 years ago#5
well you can still become one and never use it. Its activated as a once daily power. It is pretty badass though. I use it mainly for travel. the sprint is really fast and stamina lasts a long time
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User Info: Shadonic

5 years ago#6
yes, it's not massively overpowering, it's more of a travel thing than anything else as a) all companions/followers/guards/friends/enemies will attack you, you don't regenerate health or have armour and are suddenly very weak to silver and
b) your default attack, claws, don't really do all that much compared to a decent weapon with a spec for it.
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User Info: Dracovian

5 years ago#7
My brother is a werewolf and while it is fun, it definitely won't make things much easier. It's more for role-playing purposes. A good plus that it has is that you can sprint for quite a bit before running out of stamina. The biggest con is that you can't heal and you can't turn back to human at will. My brother has died many times because a dragon appears right after he turns into werewolf and it's tough.
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User Info: EnabledGodmode

5 years ago#8
Become one if you want. Cons are you you cant do conventional methods of healing in wolf form, can't access menu or loot items in wolf form, and you have to wait til it wears off to change back, and you don't get a rested bonus for sleeping in a bed. Pros are immune to disease and in beast form you're faster and stronger than normal. It's good if you're over encumbered just transform and you can sprint home with all your stuff. It will by no means make the game easier at lvl 25. Mostly likely you won't even transform that much later in the game
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User Info: Special-Edd

5 years ago#9
I didn't think of using it for travel. My concern would be that I would go exploring into a friendly town and people would hate me right away.
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User Info: sharkattack514

5 years ago#10
specialed1583 posted...
I didn't think of using it for travel. My concern would be that I would go exploring into a friendly town and people would hate me right away.

as far as i know they dont know its you. they just hate you at the time i think
---Dogs are forever in the push up position---
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