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User Info: phoenix_fang55

6 years ago#1
I have a Conjurer, and I'm trying to get my magicka regen up as high as possible to support my spellcasting in other areas, and I'm looking for an amulet of akatosh, already have a set of robes and the mortecai mask, just need the amulet to really fill it out, is there any place that I can get one gaurunteed, or at least have a good chance of buying, radiant rainments in solitude seems to sell each of the other divine amulets but not this one.

User Info: phoenix_fang55

6 years ago#2

User Info: UnexpectedJinjo

6 years ago#3
Slaughter Imperials
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User Info: phoenix_fang55

6 years ago#4
lol, anywhere else/other way?

User Info: Bleakwail

6 years ago#5

I am trying to get the same answer, regarding any of the Divines' amulets. I don't think anybody here has a clue.

User Info: CaptainKatsura

6 years ago#6
I found all of mine from random loot.You'd think the priests would give or sell amulets of their respective gods...
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User Info: lethalbydefault

6 years ago#7
I picked it up in a mine...don't remember which though.

User Info: The_87_Reaper

6 years ago#8
Akatosh, I got pretty early on, I don't remember where from, but it was before I got to Whiterun for the first time.

And Bleak I already told you where to find two amulets.
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User Info: Bleakwail

6 years ago#9

87_reaper - I know you did.

User Info: romana86

6 years ago#10

Honestly, just go to Solitude and go to the temple of the divines and search all over, checking people's pockets too. A lot of those amulets are random loot found on dead bodies, and in dungeons. Best bet would be to do the caves and forts with bandits... for some reason they tend to have a lot of amulets of the divines lol I also tend to see a lot of amulets of the divines when pickpocketing city guards. I haven't noticed any pattern to those though so I think they're random, but I'd check them whenever you go to a major city.

Stendarr - found on Vigilants of Stendarr out in the wildnerness (I've encountered them mostly around Whiterun Hold, and up and between Solitude and Morthal, because of the werewolves and vampires in those areas, respectively)

Mara - Temple of Mara in Riften, random older ladies throughout Skyrim

Kynareth - Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun, Dawnstar, and that other Kynareth shrine I want to say someone in Winterhold has (or maybe it was on one of the ships in that area).

Akatosh - Rorikstead (shrine of Akatosh there), college of Winterhold

Talos - Loads of people in Windhelm carry one, a few people in Markarth and some in Whiterun, and of course High Hrothgar

Dibella - Temple of Dibella in Markarth, the innkeeper in Riften

Arkay - healers/apothecaries... that dude who says "Blessing of Arkay be upon you" and who for the life of me I can't remember where he is, but he's definitely in one of the major cities (want to say Windhelm, Solitude, or Whiterun).

Julianos - mages in the wilderness, necromancers, the college of Winterhold

Zenithar - on imperials and shopkeepers, in Solitude, in the homes of Jarls


Honestly there are very few guaranteed places to find amulets of the divines, and those are only for a few of the amulets (Mara, Dibella, Talos). The rest are mostly randomly generated so you just need to keep looking.

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