Stuck in Sightless Pit

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User Info: nonames4u

5 years ago#1
So I was exploring around Winterhold and found this place called Sightless Pit.

I went and jumped in and did ok through the first part until I got the second temple part and I'm totally stuck now, cant go forward can't go backwards.

I back tracked as far as I could but I can find no way out of this damned pit. I can't go farther into the dungeon because the lightning falmer and his giant pet insect together destroy me every time.

I'm a level 11 nord 1-hander and I guess I wasn't supposed to be here yet or something, anyway, wtf do I do now?

There must be a way out of here, I don't want to have to restart and lose everything along with about 17 hours of exploration.....
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User Info: bibfortuna25

5 years ago#2
The only way out is forward. Find a way to kill those guys. Use some *gasp* tactics.

And shame on you for not having a recent save outside the dungeon. You should always have at least 3-4 manual saves on rotation.
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User Info: DerekNJ

5 years ago#3
If he dies, he dies.

User Info: soccerman36

5 years ago#4

ya i kinda got stuck here a little out of my league too, but these kinds of experiences are what makes the game fun imo. cant go back... have to push forward against tough odds.

Even at level 11 youve probably got a good stockpile of potions and spell scrolls at this point... look through them all, see what you have that can help you, make a game plan and get back in the fight

User Info: Ippongi_Ryuta

5 years ago#5
Knock the difficulty down.
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User Info: threedown

5 years ago#6
yeah, you should always have an extra save before going into a dungeon, i have 10 rotating saves just in case. i know its a bit much and so far i havent needed any of them, but you never know. better safe than sorry.

User Info: Vamphaery

5 years ago#7
Always, always, ALWAYS have multiple rotating saves in any game like this. NEVER rely solely on autosave or a single manual save. This should be a rule of thumb for any game of this nature. Sadly you may have learned this lesson the hard way.

Your best bet if you get spanked by the Falmer no matter what, is to use invisibility and sneak if you have it. If not... there is no way out but through the dungeon. There is no exit back to the surface at the beginning. You have to go the long way to get out. The pit you hopped down is entry only.
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User Info: The_Unimperfect

5 years ago#8
I had this exact problem with a level 10 stealth archer. I made it to the temple with a bit of struggle, but got overwhelmed when I went inside. Tried several times to take the horde of falmer on and failed miserably. Reverted again and then ran. Just kept running until I made it to the elevator platform with the lever. It takes you up and out of harms way, just make sure you don't stop running until you are back in skyrim.
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User Info: bibfortuna25

5 years ago#9
Find an elevated place and rain arrows down on them. With any luck, they'll die quickly.
Finding the Fiji Mermaid is like playing Calvinball. You can never do it the same way twice.
Please read the FAQs and stickies before asking questions.

User Info: DKlethal

5 years ago#10
I also fell victim to this place. I just sprinted and sprinted and I got trapped between spiders and all kinds of enemies numerous times, but I kept hopping and running through it until I finally found the elevator out. I thought I'd be stuck forever.
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