Falmer Blood

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User Info: Kinslayer2040

5 years ago#1
I need Falmer Blood. I had already past Blackreach by the time i got this quest so its empty currently. Where else could i find some Falmer?

User Info: Kinslayer2040

5 years ago#2

User Info: Mitzkrieg

5 years ago#3
The majority of dwemer ruins have falmer in them somewhere near the end. You can collect blood from dead ones you find as well
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User Info: IamCervantes

5 years ago#4
Pretty much all of the Dwemer ruins and many of the caves are inhabited by Falmer.

User Info: brutu69813

5 years ago#5
Go back, there are several ruins within blackreach that you didn't do.
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User Info: Fyreboi

5 years ago#6
Theres a cave that has everything but a High elf in it

.Its somewhere in the Reach

Swindlers den or something I think
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