Are the "Dark Brotherhood Forever" quests infinite?

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  3. Are the "Dark Brotherhood Forever" quests infinite?


5 years ago#1
They seem pretty generic. Talk to contract, kill person. Are they infinite or do they actually lead to something?
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User Info: Master_Meatbag

5 years ago#2
Generic and repeatable. Forever.

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User Info: NietzschesFaith

5 years ago#3
Feel like the Dark Brotherhood has potential for so many awesome quests but sort of fall short when you take over. Be nice to assassinate a Jarl or perhaps 2 people do the sacrament and hire you to kill the other to mix it up.
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User Info: Bal

5 years ago#4

Dude, why kill a Jarl? You already killed an Emperor!
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User Info: deadpool223

5 years ago#5
yes the dark brotherhood forever missions go on... well... forever.
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  3. Are the "Dark Brotherhood Forever" quests infinite?

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