How to get Night Eye

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User Info: KrazyFace79

5 years ago#1
Sorry I had to start a new topic but I'm too toasted to figure out how to reply to flyassassin. Anyway you CAN get night eye for use in Skyrim but you're not gonna like it. I do not want to become a vampire YET so this is what I had to do to get Night Eye...

Firstly you have to enroll in Winterhold Mage College

Then you must become a MASTER of illusion. An easy way of doing this is to find a set of Mage robes that regenerate magika faster, then find the "Muffle" Spell Book. Repeat this spell over and over till Master level is achieved. NOTE: you do not have to use any of your perk points up on the illusion skill tree.

Then you need to find the guy that teaches illusion, Zi forget his name but he's a dark elf and can be found sleeping on the first floor of the teachers dorm most late nights. He will say he can't teach you anything else apart from a special spell hidden in invisible books that you have to find for him.

How do you find invisible books? He teaches you the Eye of Truth spell to find them. This is essentially Night Eye, but in this case shows you hidden things. It costs nothing to cast and lasts about 40 secs. It can NOT be used for enchanting items. And takes a lot of effort to cast, which can alert close-by enemies.

A real shame too, I liked having my Night Eye ring in oblivion; night eye on night eye off, night eye on night eye off, night eye on....

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