How do I get infinite mana?

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  3. How do I get infinite mana?

User Info: neorhetoric

5 years ago#1
I assumed I had to go up enchanting, then make 5 items that each raised my "Fortify Magicka Regen" rate by 20% each. But, I just got a mask through the Winterhold quest that makes my magicka regen rate 100%, and I still drain magic while casting spells.

Is the infinite magic only from a certain school. Am I doing it wrong? What do I need to set up to make this happen?
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User Info: djprofessork1

5 years ago#2
enchant stuff with "Reduces cost of destruction spells by x%"

yes its only one school

User Info: Shmewdog

5 years ago#3
you need four enchantments with -25% cost of X school
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User Info: mr_kemosabe

5 years ago#4
When people say infinite mana they probable mean to get a bunch of items with the reduced % cost to a specific school. Like 4 pieces enchanted with -25% to destruction magic.

User Info: slothica

5 years ago#5
When you finally get the Extra Effects perk, start enchanting your gear with <spells> cost X% less to cast, where <spells> is the school of magic and X is the amount.

My destruction spells cost nothing to cast right now, and it's fun as hell.
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User Info: Alakablam

5 years ago#6
It really annoys me, I mean Bungie invents something great like shooting and war and [FPS Game Designer] has to go and copy it. ~pureredna
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  3. How do I get infinite mana?

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