Speech potions?

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User Info: Locke4382

5 years ago#1
I just recently started brewing my own potions instead of using the ones I find (mine are more potent now). However, I can't seem to find a combination of ingredients to make a Fortify Speech potion.

I know they exist in the game because I have a few in my dresser. Making them on the other hand... not sure. I checked the wiki and it doesn't say if there is a recipe for it but I am hoping that is an oversight.

Anyone here know how to brew a Fortify Speech potion? (Not barter, but speech for helping with persuasion).

User Info: Locke4382

5 years ago#2
Bump for speech therapy drinks.

User Info: Z350ZDRAGON

5 years ago#3
There isn't one.
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User Info: Phyrox7

5 years ago#4
Z350ZDRAGON posted...
There isn't one.

This is one of the most useful Skyrim databases out there. Bumping just to get the word out on this site.

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