Dual-wield vs. Two-handed Weapon Build

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User Info: _SeVeReD_

6 years ago#1
I've been reading around, and I really want to make a two-handed warrior build. It just seems like it would be fun to summon a couple Dremora Lords, and then run through everything like a wrecking crew, lol. I've also read that save for the slowness of a warhammer, it's damage output is just unreal.

As far as a dual-wield build goes, I can see how it can be great for huge DPS, but I've seen vids of them on Youtube and whatnot, and a big, bulky, heavy-armour user with two tiny little axes or swords in his hands just looks ridiculous to me, lol. The only way I'd want to play as a dual-wield character would be with either light armour or none at all so I didn't look so ridiculous, lol, but with the fragility of having no block and little to no armour, it just turns me off of the idea altogether.

What are your opinions on the builds as a comparison? Is it still godly to play as a two-handed warrior? And what race do you think is best for a close-up melee fighter? My sword/shield warrior is an Imperial, and even with fully enchanted Daedric armour, he gets absolutely shredded by magic. It makes me not want to even play him anymore, lol.


User Info: _SeVeReD_

6 years ago#2
Holy fastboard... Bump.

User Info: nodescriptor

6 years ago#3
Best race: I've seen more people say Orc for this role. But any race will do great.

I've played both 2h and dual wield builds (light armor on both) and I liked 2h a lot more. A lot of that may be because I play in first person and with dual wielding you lose a lot more screen space with your weapons drawn than with 2h. But frankly, I don't block often with 2h. If you really want to block while dual wielding, you can just unequip one weapon, block, and then re-equip.

If you have the most recent patch (1.2) installed, that would explain your problem with magic. If you don't, then it might be a problem with the particular enchantments you used. "Fully enchanted" doesn't really provide a lot of info about what enchantments you used :P .

User Info: S7atblakk

6 years ago#4
i can only speak for duall weilding, but its awesome and doesnt look ridiculous at all imo the dawnbreaker with an ebony sword and daedra armor is cool ooking having good heavy armor negates the need for a sheild, get the right enchantments for your armor have an okay magic resistance i dual weild swords and have the critical dmg perk for them so lots of enemies are just butter to cut through
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User Info: ROMKratos

6 years ago#5
I play a Heavy Armor Dual-Wield/Archer, and I don't find it too odd. Especially in Daedric.
Take all the Dual Wielding perks, then grab Elemental Fury. If you're talking TTK, then I'm sure that this is easily one of the fastest ways to kill anything. Sheer immensity though, I'd go 2h.
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User Info: X_ProwL

6 years ago#6
Enchanting route provides better benefits on Dual Wielding.

IMO the DPS and benefits far outweigh the advantage of stagger and block.

Infact i find Dual Wielding to be superior to Sword and Shield once your have enough armor rating. The real kicker here you can stack magic resist on weapons, Having two swords with Magic resist 25% each is incredible.

Ofcourse you can argue that you can make one handed weapons 1-2hit kills on master thus not needing two of them.

Dual wield / Sword and Shield > Archery > Destruction(Dual casting) > Sword and magic > Two handed > Single sword

Two handed lacks speed and eats up stamina, Not worth it. :(
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User Info: Dr_Snood

6 years ago#7

Honestly, do whatever you like and would fit your role playing the best. You do insane damage with both by mid-game if you've done any sort of enchanting/smithing.

User Info: VanishingSkill

6 years ago#8
I really enjoy two handed. I have a dual wield thief at 50 and a two handed warrior type at 45. Both have spent most of the game on master, and I like the two handed warrior better. Dual wield gets stuffed pretty hard when facing shield using enemies, enemies with really high armor, or enemies that are resistant to the enchants you have on your weapons.

Two handed weapons have better range, and put enemies down faster, which is better when you fight groups. Dual wield has to land several attacks for each opponent, which takes time. Two handers kill one enemy per hit practically.

Also, the best two hander in the game, Volendrung, is 1) As fast as a greatsword 2) a Mace so benefits from the brutal armor ignore specialization and 3) has a stamina absorb enchant on it, which means endless power attacks.

I'd give two handers some serious thought. It's very fun. The range of the weapons can be used to your advantage once you have some practice. You'll land the first hit on everyone, and that first hit will put them down.

User Info: ZenCheckin

6 years ago#9
To TC:

You can easily get light armor above the cap with alchemy and enchanting. Dragon Scale goes over 1300 armor.
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User Info: GobbieMarauder

6 years ago#10
The 2-handed has the added bonus of being better at staggering opponents; It a dual-wield build, you have few options when a enemy puts his shield up, but with a two-hander, a power attack will teach him a lesson.
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