Nightingale Bow or Daedric Bow?

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  3. Nightingale Bow or Daedric Bow?

User Info: Crazyplayer042

6 years ago#1
Level 47, just picked up the Nightingale Bow. While it does 10 less damage, it has a effect to "freeze the opponent for 30 seconds and inflict 15 shock damage to target". Is it worth it?
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User Info: Z350ZDRAGON

6 years ago#2
YEA! Who wouldn't want to freeze something for 30 seconds? Just have smithing 100, drink the biggest potion you can find (I have only seen 50%) upgrade that bow for max damage.

Plus it looks cooler then the deadric bow to me at least.
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User Info: Nugg

6 years ago#3
you can also enchant 4 pieces of armor to give your blacksmithing a boost, i think ring, necklace, boots, and gloves, and that'll boost the damage even more. max blacksmithing + 4 piece blacksmithing bonus armor, + potion = amazing. The daedric will do more damage this way but the nightingale has a pretty sweet enchant.
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User Info: th3warr1or

6 years ago#4
Can Nightingale be unenchanted?
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  3. Nightingale Bow or Daedric Bow?

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