What's a good distribution of health, magicka, and stamina.

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  3. What's a good distribution of health, magicka, and stamina.

User Info: levyjl1988

5 years ago#1
When I get to level 81, what is a good distribution, more health, then stamina, then magicka.
What is a good distribution for any class. Mage build, warrior, assassin, etc... for the long play through.
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User Info: SmartLemming911

5 years ago#2

It all depends one how you play. But if you want your Magicka, Health, and Stamina even, distribute the points, starting at Health, then Stamina, then Magicka.

User Info: Burn-the-light

5 years ago#3
My warrior has lots of health, some stamina, little magicka.

My assassin has lots of stamina, some health, little magicka.

My mage has lots of magicka, some health, little stamina.

That formula's worked well for me.
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User Info: MrSusan101

5 years ago#4
In my mind you should only raise 2 attributes whilst focusing on one- for warriors health for thieves stamina and for mages magicka.
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User Info: stevenshostakov

5 years ago#5
It depends on the character you want but remember you can get +10/20/30/40/50 and maybe even more through magic bonuses, armour bonuses, reducing the cost of certain spells etc etc etc...

User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#6
Warrior: 65% Health, 35% Stamina (this should give you base 620 HP and 480 Stamina)

Thief: 40% Health, 60% Stamina (Base HP: 420, Stamina: 580)

Mage: 40% Health, 53.75% or 60% Magicka, 6.25% or 0% Stamina (Base HP: 420, Base MP: 530/580, Stamina: 150/0

Assassin: 40% Health, 40% Stamina, 20% Magicka (you are probably going to want some Illusion magicka) (Base HP: 420, Stamina: 420, MP: 260)

Battle Mage: 50% Health, 37.5% Magicka, 12.5% Stamina (HP: 500, MP: 400, Stamina: 200)

Jack-of-all Trades: 40% Health, 30% Stamina, 30% Magicka (Base HP: 420, Stamina: 340, MP: 340)

This is just a few basic ideas, adjust percentage values as you see fit. (% based on us having 80 levels and therefore 80 stat increases worth 10 points each resulting in 800 allocatable points)
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  3. What's a good distribution of health, magicka, and stamina.

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