Dark Brotherhood as a Warrior

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User Info: Rst1728

5 years ago#1
I'm playing as a pure sword and board orc warrior on this play through, and I wanted to know if it was realistic to be able to do the dark brotherhood questline without being sneaky. I've never thought it was fair that rogue-style characters got two guilds (Thieves guild and DB) but warriors get only one, and mages get only one. Warriors seem to have it the worst, because we wear heavy armor and have a hard time sneaking around, where as mages and rogues can theoretically do all 4. Anybody have any input? Can you do the dark brotherhood quests without having a high sneak skill? (Mine is about 22... haven't used it the entire game, I'm level 30)

User Info: Madcapunlimited

5 years ago#2
The Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim is much less concerned with stealth than they are with making the people who need to die be dead. Some quests will require you to sneak, but others (the first group of people you get sent to kill for example) you can just run up to and cut in half.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#3
In some cases you can tell people you are there to kill them and they will attack you first. That allows you to put them down without getting a bounty. That is a good way to handle things if you are a warrior.
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User Info: Rst1728

5 years ago#4
I see. I was dreading the questline because I felt like I was going to be failing it over and over due to people detecting me. Glad to hear it's less strict.

User Info: Eisnis

5 years ago#5
If you're an Orc? Heck, it's more reasonable that you don't act stealthy in that case. Oblivion actually covered this aspect by having a real hack n' slash Orc as an assassin, and he just truthfully explains that he's not interested in the bonuses, and that is probably what you'll be losing out on if you don't aim for a more sneaky approach.

Of course, you should still be able to get even the bonuses if you try hard enough. It makes things more rewarding to carry out a mission exactly as planned.

User Info: hauntbot

5 years ago#6
the dark brotherhood itself gives you an example of how to be a successful assassin without stealth in anbjorn. hide in a corner, go werewolf so no one recognizes you, kill target, and get the F out of town before you turn back.

werewolf form feels really weak at high levels, but most assassination jobs where you have to kill someone in the middle of a city in broad daylight arent challenging fights in and of themselves. just kill the civvy and run from the guards.

also keep in mind once you have the conditioning perk you can sneak around quite well. if youre having problems sneaking with conditioning thats because your skill is bad, not because of the heavy armor.
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User Info: thehelpfulgamer

5 years ago#7
Yeah, I've done quite a few quests in the Dark Bro'hood arc and read ahead what happens in the guide and you're probably better off not being the squishy sneaky type most of the time.
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