how do i fill azura's star?

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  3. how do i fill azura's star?

User Info: FE_FREAK125

5 years ago#1
I'm confused.... do I have to use the soul trap spell in order to do it? and where do I get it? what kinds of enemies will give me grand souls? sorry, new to this :P

User Info: Mattheau

5 years ago#2
It's a soul gem that doesn't break when used. It works exactly the same as every other soul gem. There is nothing special about it other then it doesn't get destroyed when you use it.

User Info: tw1nt3rr0r

5 years ago#3

Either that or enchant a weapon with soul trap

User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

5 years ago#4
You can use the soul trap spell in the conjuration tree or use a weapon with a soul trap enchantment. Mammoths will give you a grand soul.

User Info: Citrate1007

5 years ago#5

Azura's star is from a quest found at the shrine in the Northwest part of the map (near Winterhold I believe) Asking about rumors from inkeepers can sometimes get them to put the location on your map. The quest from the shrine first has you go find it in a sunken fortress. Once you aquire it you realize that it has been broken so you can either take it to a mage or back to the worhiper at the shrine. It is HIGHLY recommended that you take it to the mage and turn it into a black soul gem (allows you to capture human souls).

The best way to capture a soul is to enchant a weapon with soul trap on it that way anything killed with the weapon will fill a soul gem. Nearly all creatures have sould (dwemer robots don't) and can be captured. The higher the level of creature the greater the soul is. Souls automatically get placed into the smallest possible soul gem that they can fit in. With the Black Azura's Star you can soul trap humans wich are all Grand Souls. Unlike other soul gems Azura's star is re-usable.

A great way to level your enchanting is to use a weapon with soul trap on it and kill human bandits. After you kill one, use Azura's star to re-fill the weapon enchantment. Wash, rinse and repeat.
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User Info: Los Grak

Los Grak
5 years ago#6
I think I know what the OP is saying as I am having trouble filling it as well.

I completed the quest at the shrine and received the fixed Azura's Star but I cannot put a human soul into it. It sits in my inventory, empty. When I kill humanoids to take their souls I get a message saying that I don't have a soul gem large enough for it. Is there something else that I'm missing?

EDIT: Apparently I did the wrong thing by taking it to Azura - she does not give you the Black Star. Only Nelacar can give you the Black Star.
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User Info: Forgotten_One

5 years ago#7
So I did the same thing I just have the regular azuras star and can't fill it am I screwed?
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User Info: EmperorCarnate

5 years ago#8
heh, heh, I can fill it for you, heh, heh.
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User Info: Forgotten_One

5 years ago#9
I've tried everything else.....
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User Info: Soul_Decay

5 years ago#10
Azuars star can only take white souls, the Black star is the one that can take humanoid souls.
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  3. how do i fill azura's star?

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