How to power level pickpocket???

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User Info: helghastbane

5 years ago#1

I rarely use thief skills so Im sorta out of the loop on this one.I need to power level pickpocket any tips??


User Info: omega_dog

5 years ago#2

Easy ways of training your Pickpocket skill include:

Stealing jewelry because it is light, has a high percentage of success and you gain a lot of skill because of its value.
Lockpicks are among the easiest items to steal. They are weightless and are worth very little. Even jewelry has a small amount of weight, and are usually worth more. Plus, it seems most NPCs have at least one lockpick on them.
You can also level it up while learning from some other skill from trainer. Simply steal gold that you have just paid him learn again and repeat so long you're able to get new levels this way. By the time you get to 51 proficiency in particular skill, your Pickpocket skill should raise up to 70-80, although you will have to spend 3 perk points in order to get Cutpurse.
Reverse-pickpocketing a large amount of money onto someone. You will gain more experience than from a small amount of gold and you can then steal it back. This also works on trainers when you give them money for training so you can gain 5 levels of the skill you wish to learn and 5 levels of Pickpocket with a net cost of 0 gold. Do not give them too much gold or you won't be able to pickpocket it back without getting caught (see note below).

Difficulty of pickpocketing gold is proportional to the amount of gold. At skill level 100, you can steal up to 2,000 gold from each NPC. As soon as an NPC has more than 2,000 gold, the chance to steal it drops to 0%.
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User Info: ninjaa1

5 years ago#3
Go to riften the ppl have lots of jewelry

User Info: kaiserjue

5 years ago#4
check the (CHEAT) section. Something about going to jail in a certain town, bla bla bla. You will see it. Happy pick pocketing.
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User Info: Dr Whoopass

Dr Whoopass
5 years ago#5
I used a lot of enchanted jewelry to raise the success rate, and then just started robbin fools. At the early levels (>50) one or two items stolen levels you up. It's really easy.
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User Info: crosswindkrab

5 years ago#6
Pick pocket money -> put the money back -> steal it again -> put it back again -> steal it yet again ........
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User Info: lenmutt

5 years ago#7
Wellrested+thiefstone+pickpocket enchanted jewelry =powerlevel

User Info: Ticondera

5 years ago#8
Rifton; head to the jail, there is a black brair behind bars. Take his gear, give him gems and jewelry. Take it back, repeat.

He can't do a bloody thing behind bars.

User Info: bbanks707

5 years ago#9
crosswindkrab posted...
Pick pocket money -> put the money back -> steal it again -> put it back again -> steal it yet again ........

EDIT: I feel dumb ...
Werewolf by Night 5 years ago#10
just pick pockets (save first! people get touchy about having their stuff lifted). it's one of the fastest/easiest skills to level.
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