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How does one invest in a store?

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  3. How does one invest in a store?

User Info: cdog5386

5 years ago#1

Under the general stats page (in the menu), there is a statistic for how many stores your character has invested in.  How do I invest exactly?  I have the game's guide, but it does not seem to be useful in this regard.


I appreciate any help.

User Info: Saelius88

5 years ago#2
You need the appropriate perk under the speech skill
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User Info: tw1nt3rr0r

5 years ago#3

You need to get the perk 'investor'

User Info: PokeLord473

5 years ago#4
It's only worth it for the guy that runs the general store in Riverwood because of a bug.
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User Info: cdog5386

5 years ago#5

I totally did not even think about the perk.  Thanks, yall.

User Info: BigCheesySan

5 years ago#6
In my opinion it's not worth it. You will eventually have more money than you know what to do with.

User Info: Haseo16

5 years ago#7
I think it's only for select shops but i'm not sure. I know if you do the Thieves restoration quests, as you progress in it the amount of gold that girl has increases.
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  3. How does one invest in a store?

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