Defending the Ebonmere

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User Info: Shinobi_Daisuke

5 years ago#1

I just remade my main file for the third time (the first time she was too ugly and then after I remade her and got to 54 I noticed she had a weird nose) and I finished the Thieves Guild questline. I never gave it much thought before, but

Possible Spoilers


Karliah tells you that you will need to defend the Twilight Sepulcher if it ever becomes under attack again. Since Google searches won't give me any relevant quests (or forum threads) and I've certainly never come across anything in-game, it seems like this is a setup for DLC. Thoughts?

User Info: Arjunta

5 years ago#2
I think this is a good Thieves guild DLC expansion.

Also, Companion (Fighters Guild) Spoilers...

For some Companion DLC you would go back to Sovngarde and fight with Kodlak and the other freed Companions to free the souls of those still enthralled by Hircine.

And for the Dark Brotherhood you could start up a new Sanctuary.
The King of Mediocrity

User Info: Shinobi_Daisuke

5 years ago#3
Those are more like ideas. I think from the way the questline ended it was more implying that there was going to be more to it someday.

User Info: Xero_SeeD

5 years ago#4
It was just a handwave to give you a good enough reason to not have any more duties after the questline is over. "You sold your soul to Nocturnal, you are the protector of the Twilight Sepulcher now. You've done your duty, you are free to go for now and will be called back when needed."
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User Info: Elec Man EXE

Elec Man EXE
5 years ago#5
I'm genuinely suprised there aren't radiant quests related to defending the Sepulcher. That seems like literally a perfect setup for random radiant quests.
Master of Electricity

User Info: Shinobi_Daisuke

5 years ago#6
That's why I think this is hinting at a DLC. I guess it would be annoying if you would randomly be called back to the Sepulcher, at least as long as you could ignore it if you wanted without any consequences. It just seems like it wouldn't have made sense to include that warning if it wasn't ever going to be utilized. If they never planned on having you actually have to come back there, they should have just said that after you die your soul will be bound there in order to protect it.
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