Invisible Solitude Chest

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User Info: ghostsniper7676

5 years ago#1
For all of those looking for an invisible chest in Solitude there is most likely more than one but if you are a mage or interested in finding a lot of money you can wall-hack on in the Blue Palace. Simply grab a platter or plate and hold it up and push thru a wall and glitch down to the chest. Just youtube it for a demonstration. I didn't figured it would work but it actually did >.>
20 attempts later I got it haha there was about 500 gold a TON of scrolls and gems

User Info: Matharred

5 years ago#2
Love this glitch! Although this chest isnt an invisible one, its still pretty awesome to learn this glitch to reach other chests like this in other parts of the game.
I have located the invisible chest outside of Solitude and the one outside of Markarth that contain the inventories of the other two Khajiit merchants outside of the Dawnstar/Ahkari combo that has become common knowledge by now.
Anyone interested in their locations, I have screens up on photobucket if they arent already known. Shoot me a message
(message deleted)

User Info: DrNewcenstein

5 years ago#4
I did find the ones outside Markarth and Dawnstar, but the one at Solitude says it's near a small tree where the caravan sets up. Haven't seen the caravan there yet, but there's 4 small trees outside Solitude. Is it the one just outside the gate, by the stables in the small retaining wall/planter, around the corner towards the docks, or the one further out along the main road towards the Stormcloak camp?
Everyone has a price. And a pain threshold.

User Info: Matharred

5 years ago#5
As you are walking up the stone road towards Solitude, from the stables, there is an archway that you pass under with red flags on it before you actually reach the doors to Solitude. DO NOT pass under the archway. Instead, stop before the archway and look to your right. Instead of looking for a "tree" look for a "bush" or "small light green tree". If you walk up to the "bush" there are small patches of brownish/green leaves on the ground in front of it. Crouch and move your cursor over/around these patches and you'll find it. But make sure you are sneaking or you won't discover it. Also, the strange thing about this location is that the merchant actually sets his tent up ON TOP of the invisible chest, unlike the other two merchants who are separated from the ones theyre near. This causes the "bush" to disappear, but if you enter his tent you can find the chest just to the left of the rug hes sitting on if youre facing his back looking out the front of the tent. Near the hay there is a similar, if not the same, patch of leaves you can crouch near to find out again. But heres the weird thing.... The Dawnstar chest holds the inventory of the Khajiit merchant that sits close to its location. But the other two chests hold the inventories of the merchants on opposite sides of the map from eachother. (Solitude chest has the Markarth merchants inventory - Markarth chest has the Solitude merchants inventory) This must be in place to prevent the exploitation that can be done with the Dawnstar merchant. It would be too easy for players to fill up on gold and gear if the merchants own chests were sitting as close as they are to them right now, they had to split them up.

User Info: White_Collar

5 years ago#6
I was beginning to wonder if i was being seriously trolled here... but I found it...

To make it a little bit more specific - Near the "brown/green leaves" there is a stick on the ground... The chest (for me anyway) was either ON that stick or just in front of it depending on the angle I approached.
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