Hot wife died in battle, can I remarry

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User Info: raydog44

5 years ago#1

So I married Aela the huntress, she died in battle. Can I remarry? It's been a few days and no courier has given me a note. Does she respawn at some point? Or can I not remarry the whole game?

User Info: Ajd_King

5 years ago#2
Just take the body home.
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User Info: raydog44

5 years ago#3

1. if you're joking then that is really funny

2. if you're not joking then i don't remember where she died exactly

User Info: Dead_jukester

5 years ago#4
I don't know if he -really- thought that was funny... no "lol"s or nothin'!
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User Info: raydog44

5 years ago#5

I remembered where my wife died and her body is still there laying in the snow, can you pick up a body? If yes, how? Any suggestions? Looks like I can't remarry now.

User Info: nfl89

5 years ago#6

It would take a really long time to drag her home(hold A while your cursor is pointed at her). I don't know if you can remarry. search the uesp wiki.

User Info: solace1984

5 years ago#7
Yes, you can pick up dead bodies by holding down the A button (360) on the carcass; works best when you take all of their stuff so they move easier. As for Aela, she will respond somewhere down the line because she is a Companion. She'll probably either turn up in Javasharrr? in whiterun where the companions are or at your home (if you have one).

User Info: cougarman21

5 years ago#8
yes you can remarry btw... as far as i know

if its someone like Aela who will respawn then I dont think you are able to because technically she isnt dead


see what I did there... bored at work with an assumption... you know what they say about assuming anything...


at least im honest
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User Info: Brenz0r

5 years ago#9
You can't remarry.
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User Info: raydog44

5 years ago#10

Thx for help, would it be worth dragging her home? Would she respawn quicker?  Anyone know how long it takes for a NPC to respawn, she has probably been dead like 7 -10 game days.

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