How do you start Dawnguard?

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  3. How do you start Dawnguard?

User Info: Cadco25

5 years ago#1
Maybe I'm just dumb, but I have no idea how to start the DLC. I have purchased and downloaded it.

User Info: GuyCarlPeterson

5 years ago#2
A guard walked up to me and told me about it in Whiterun. Started the quest and gave me a location.

User Info: SunCeFan

5 years ago#3
Is there a level req for it?

I heard talk from the E3 stage demo that you had to be 10+ to access....true or false?

User Info: Cadco25

5 years ago#4
I've got no idea about the level requirement, though I never heard one way or the other. I am currently level 27 though, so that shouldn't be the issue. I'll go walk around in Whiterun a little while, maybe it is just something that comes up after a bit.

User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#5
Yeah I think the level 10 thing is true.
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User Info: Yami Dude

Yami Dude
5 years ago#6
Just restart your 360. I was having the same problem but you just need to restart it so the game can load Dawnguard.
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User Info: Cadco25

5 years ago#7
If you are under level 10 though, then don't even worry about DLC. There are tons of adventures and lots of fun to be had in Skyrim for you before you need to worry about Dawnguard. Heck, I've played 70 hours and still have an untold amount of game that I could play. Plenty have played waaaaaaay more than me and maxed out and everything.

User Info: da_koz

5 years ago#8
Its ot a requirement to be level 10. Bethesda just said that it was recommended to be past that level before beginning. I believe I read that in the game informer article on dawngaurd.

User Info: SunCeFan

5 years ago#9

Vampire attacks occurred various times (twice actually). And no place would so much as mention the Dawnguard reforming. But once I hit lvl 10, I talked to a guard and the first thing they said was about Dawnguard.

Going to take a guess and say its required, as my Vamp was lvl 8 when they said nothing about Dawnguard.
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  3. How do you start Dawnguard?

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