I'm stuck in the crouch position...

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  3. I'm stuck in the crouch position...

User Info: Seacow2144

5 years ago#1
My toon is stuck in the crouching (sneak) position but im not actually sneaking. My crosshairs is normal like it would be if i were standing but for some reason my toon is stuck, i cant hit the left toggle to stand or crouch cant sprint nor sneak.....Ive tried reloading and dieing and no luck. Any suggestions?

User Info: sGxSkiLLzZ

5 years ago#2
Break your CD and put it back together with crazy glue.
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User Info: Great_Pagliacci

5 years ago#3
Had this happen to me the other day. Just limp your way to a crafting station (I used a tanning rack) and when you interact with it it will forcibly reset your position.
Is my timing that flawed?
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User Info: Seacow2144

5 years ago#4
Wonderful, ill give it a try Thank you

User Info: IamI3rian

5 years ago#5
Sitting and beast form will also fix it.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

5 years ago#6
I had this happen way out in the wilderness, I loaded up and was stuck no matter what I did. I played a dif char for a bit and went back and it was fine.

So might work to do stuff with another char if all else fails.
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User Info: Jared781

5 years ago#7
Actually, this happened to me a few days ago.. I turned into Beast Form and when i died i was stuck in this pos. i thought it was because of what i did Uno the whole Werewolve thing so i just continued on then started waiting amounts of time.. first it was 5 in game hours, then 5 again and lastly bumped it up to a full 24 hour day, and when my character finished waiting i could move normally again! i was pumped because in front of me was Otar the Mod's Coffin and its sort of intimidating, not to mention being stuck in the crouch pos. during...
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  3. I'm stuck in the crouch position...

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