Can't find Serena in Dawngaurd fort..

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  3. Can't find Serena in Dawngaurd fort..

User Info: goldenlink24

5 years ago#1
I already completed the main questline for Dawngaurd. I have few side quest to do now like upgrading the crossbow. But she got stuck in a cave I was doing and would not leave with me for some reason so I told her to part ways. She said she would go with the DG in their fort, but I cant find her in the fort at all. Is there specific spot she goes to?
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User Info: Oxenhaus

5 years ago#2
I've got the same problem, Serena has disappeared, I have tried the vampire castle, her mother's lab even some of the quest caves but it seems she has just completely disappeared
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User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#3
I made this thread a couple of days ago and just got Molag Bal jokes. The best of luck to you. I'll bump it for an answer.

User Info: sGxSkiLLzZ

5 years ago#4
This is when i come in to help. You need to grab your game and break it then you put it back together with crazy glue. WARNING you must put all the pieces back together or serena will instead appear deep in the ocean.
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User Info: shorthandle

5 years ago#5
Did she actually leave after you told her to part ways? I had to shout her out of a couple of spots. I'm not sure she can leave if she can't move.

In any case, the fort: After you enter, look immediately to your right. There's a stone bench that runs around the edge of the big circular area. I completely missed seeing her there the first time. If not there, go to the left and left again. There is a little cubby there with a chair she sits in. Above all, remember she moves around. Search twice in a different pattern.

User Info: LiberalMarxist

5 years ago#6
She's missing in mine too but I still haven't finished the quest where

you're looking for an Imperial Scholar regarding moth priests,

is she important in any quests after that?

User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#7
Serana is required to complete the Dawnguard quests, and there is no way to remove her until after you complete Dawnguard.
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  3. Can't find Serena in Dawngaurd fort..

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