Best Alchemy Combinations

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User Info: jimmyoneshot

5 years ago#1
I'm trying to get my alchemy to level 100 but it seems rather tricky.

I know one of the best ingredients is giant toes but these are very hard to come by when all giants are wiped out and I need to wait for them to respawn

Are there any good widely availalbe combinations of ingredients that level up alchemy very fast? Or any other tips on levelling alchemy?

User Info: Pigfarts

5 years ago#2
Do the restoration explot, them make a few uber strong potions and you alacemy will shoot to 100 after making one potion.
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User Info: dodgefan91

5 years ago#3
salt piles + anything with the slow effect.

I also make a lot of paralysis and invisibility potions.
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User Info: Somegamefan

5 years ago#4
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User Info: jimmyoneshot

5 years ago#5
Pigfarts posted...
Do the restoration explot, them make a few uber strong potions and you alacemy will shoot to 100 after making one potion.

Won't I use a lot of level ups doing that though?

I'll look into it anyway

User Info: Xydru

5 years ago#6

Try using ingredients that increase the value of the potion/poison when it has the value multiplier on an effect and stay away from negative multipliers (lower than 1.0)
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User Info: EddMario

5 years ago#7
1. Make sure you buy Honeyside and bought both the alchemy lab, garden, and porch upgrades. Being in the Thieves Guild probably helps too
2. Make sure you've entered the college of Winterhold. Becoming Arch Mage probably makes this easier as well.
3. Make sure you have at least 1 perk in Speech

Now, the garden for Honeyside has alchemy ingredients that respawn, and the porch upgrade has barrels that have certain alchemy ingredients that I believe respawn as well, provided you don't put anything in them. When you buy the alchemy lab for Honeyside, it includes a large amount of ingredients and a few recipes laying around.

The second floor of the Hall of Countenance at the College has an alchemy room full of ingredients, all of which respawn.

The reason for the speech perk is so you can buy recipes and ingredients for cheaper

Also, discovering new effects from eating an ingredient does increase the skill a small amount, so if you have the perk that causes you to learn more then one, that'll give you a small boost as well
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User Info: gobuffalo30

5 years ago#8
Salt pile and garlic is a good way to go, they give some powerful potions

User Info: theonyxphoenix

5 years ago#9
Salt Pile + Deathbell yields a decently value Slow potion. Deathbells are abundant around Morthal and you can find Salt Piles most anywhere.

One of the best ways to level alchemy is to purchase all ingredients from a shop that are less than 20g. Make all the potions that you can and sell them back to the shop owner. Go to another shop (or save, attack the shop owner, and reload the save to reset their inventory and gold) then repeat.

Remember that you can continue to sell items to merchants for 0 gold to increase your speech rating. Once you obtain the Merchant Perk you can find new items in the alchemy shops and will have an easier time selling off your myriad of potions to blacksmiths, flechers, general stores, College members, etc.
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User Info: jimmyoneshot

5 years ago#10
Good advice thanks.

One more thing are alchemy perks required in order to maximize enchantments for the ultimate equipment, ultimate equipment without glitches I mean?
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