Stop whining & moaning about Oblivion's leveling system

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User Info: Lord_Mehrunes

6 years ago#41
Topher....I'm sure if we yell it out enough times, we'll eventually be heard. -_-'

User Info: jman427

6 years ago#42
HEY, you guys sucked! I loved Oblivions leveling system. I hope they don't change a thing!
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User Info: jman427

6 years ago#43
Oh yeah, but I didn't like that it scaled so change that :)
I wonder if I should use this space for shameless self promotion.

User Info: U1gitarooman

6 years ago#44
It IS the base levelling system that can use improvement. Like I said, playing through the first or second time is certainly okay, but on repeat playthoughs it becomes a pain to literally grind your skills up. The system is designed for someone to reach the levels progressively though the act of exploring the game world, discovering and completing every quest that comes their way. But once you've played through a bit, you know that certain quests are not worth the time it takes to complete, and speed through. Now, if you rush the main quest or guild quests, you're gonna reach the end without being very strong unless you hunker down into a corner, casting FIRE ON YOURSELF to make yourself better at, say, destruction. Or casting a 1 sec skeleton to raise conjuration, or sneaking into a wall all night for Sneak.

So, if they are gonna keep the practice system, they need to fix it so that casting more powerful magic gives you more exp in those fields. Mercantile should level just as much from selling 1,000 arrows at once as it does selling them one at a time. Sneak should...umm...i dunno...level up faster the higher level the enemies you are sneaking around? Weapon skills should level from higher level monsters for sure!

Also, I dont see what kind of argument " It doesnt make sense to level lockpicking if you've never picked a lock" is. That has been a RPG staple since before the NES was around. Sure its not realistic, but this is a game we are playing. The only games I can think of off the top of my head right now that level this way is Morrowind and Oblivion! Go play Might and Magic 6 or 7, or Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Alpha Protocol, Knights of the old republic...etc etc. They all give you the ability to level something that you didnt specifically use.
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User Info: Leafar10_2

6 years ago#45
The leveling system was a step back from Morrowind. Hope they change it. Most people didn't liked it.
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User Info: DLSkywalker

6 years ago#46
I prefer Oblivion's system over Morrowind.

In Morrowind I had a full set of Glass armor and a Daedric weapon by the time I reached level 10. In Oblivion, such a feat is impossible until level 20 or so, which makes sense given the high quality of said weapons and armor.
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User Info: themagicpainman

6 years ago#47
I like Oblivion's system of leveling up your character.

I did NOT really care for the leveled enemies and loot. At the very least, don't level enemies and quest rewards. To an extent level loot so you CAN get the good stuff at low levels, it's just somewhat more common at higher levels.

Also, make high level stuff rare. But I liked the leveling system itself.
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User Info: ShockWav3

6 years ago#48
The fact that every man women and bum in all of cyrodill found drastic armor the second I hit a high level was beyond stupid. Armor value was skewed and it ruined the whole point of getting loot. It was pointless to do some quest early on, even if they were beginning quest because you're level wouldn't be high enough and the enchantments on a potentially great weapon would be weak.

Training limits were stupid and the whole using a skill to level up would just be abused. Lock sneak behind an enemy and leave your xbox on.hours latter you're a level 20 character. In oblivion it wasn't so simple but in the end it was the same. You spam weak spells and jump a lot to level up. It works but isn't worth keeping the same way it is now.
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User Info: TurboReaper

6 years ago#49
I thought the leveling system for your character was great. I didn't so much care for every enemy scaling with you, or the leveled items.

However, I truly hated, loathed and despised everything about Fallout. I do not want a leveling system like the one in Fallout 3. I like the immersion of using a blade to get better with blades, casting destruction spells to get better with that school of magic and so on. It feels real.. except for the part about setting yourself on fire to get better at setting stuff on fire.. that kinda sucked. But it at least involves the use of a skill to get better with that type of skill.

In fallout you just level up with EXP, then put points into whatever you want to get better at. So.. shoot enemies in the face enough times to level up and you can eventually be a master of stealth, even if you've NEVER sneaked in the entire time of playing the game.

User Info: whitecrackan69

6 years ago#50
I love oblivion and it's one of my favorite games from this generation of consoles, but after playing the fallout games, I hesitate going back to play it again simply because the leveling system is so inferior.
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  3. Stop whining & moaning about Oblivion's leveling system

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