I almost pooped myself

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  3. I almost pooped myself

User Info: TheBonsaiSlaya

7 years ago#11
If you guys were really excited about dat, wait till feb GI...

User Info: VampLordAdamaru

7 years ago#12
No kidding. I'm going to have to mug my co-worker for his copy... xD
There are no stupid questions... There are, however, a LOT of stupid people...
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User Info: Blaster_x2

7 years ago#13

I screamed out loud when i saw the game was coming out!!!

User Info: Thumbtack999

7 years ago#14
This, Mass Effect 3, Gears 3, Diablo 3, hopefully TLoZ, Infamous 2, Littlebigplanet 2, and then some, next year is gonna be a great year.
"Hooray for the Old Man!"-Raven
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  3. I almost pooped myself

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