List Everything You Want Added In This Game! And Improvements!

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User Info: ScylentAssassin

6 years ago#1
- MORE WEAPONS! (caps) Especially many different types.
- More separate clothing i.e. Shoulders, Hands, Cape. I guess that's it?
- A Barber or able to change appearance in game
- For the love of the almighty, GORE!
- More Fluid and better combat. Not so simplistic.
- A Brothel!
- Marriage anyone?
- AWESOME cut scenes
- Better Choice of dialogue scenes (I don't know how to explain, but rather than just zooming up on person's face, how about a Mass Effect style dialogue? Idk)
- Better Handling of Bow and Arrow.
I can't think anymore, but there's lots. Add your own!
GT- VXDesolationXV

User Info: SirNordLeg

6 years ago#2
So you made a Samurai Jack build, impressive. Most impressive, this board is right to fear you.

User Info: Darth_Crimson

6 years ago#3
Because we needed another one of these f***ing threads.
Dovakin, Dovakin, the savior of Skyrim! For land, for home, for High Hrothgar!
Under he we will march to the kingdom of stars; Dovakin, Dovakin the Dragonborn!

User Info: killer_smurf

6 years ago#4
3rd person that does feel like your skating on ice
A story

User Info: ScylentAssassin

6 years ago#5
chill, chill.
I guess I'm late :(
GT- VXDesolationXV

User Info: vude

6 years ago#6
-Better character creation.
-Druidic spells. I wanna turn some metal into wood and strengthen wood to be like metal, as well as animal companions.
-Nunchaku, Flails, Morningstars, Cross owe, etc. We need more weapon diversity.
-Wands. They would be charged weapons like staffs as well as an amplifier for magic.
-Messy kills.
-More widened array of magic.
That's about it.
"Well, then what is 'Snake Eating'"?
"Not what you think it is."

User Info: Death_Master911

6 years ago#7
Pretty much what Scylent listed with an extra: S.E.X
Wtf's the point in having a brothel if you can't have sex?

User Info: XeonFlu

6 years ago#8
Much better magic system/effects and gratuitous underboob.

User Info: SaikaiBushido

6 years ago#9
-Wider variety of animations for characters and creatures
-Better selection of elemental spells
-Character relationships/love
-Spears, staffs and crossbows
-Capes and cloaks
-Boss enemies
-Same console co-op (Single screen like in Fable II and III)
-More upbeat musical scores for wilderness and cities/ each city has a unique tune
-Character animations for eating, lying down to rest, repairing weapons and the like
-Horseback combat and archery/mounted enemies
-Straps for weapon scabbards and quivers (so if your character is shirtless, the weapon doesn't just magically float on his back)
-Better method of interaction with characters than the "wedges" minigame in Oblivion

All in all, Skyrim needs to feel more alive than Oblivion; the character movements were very robotic and though the music was beautiful, it was also very sleepy. The Elder Scrolls V could use some epic sounding scores for traveling the land, and majestic tracks for inside castles. Horses should not be able to go from 0 to 30 in 0.0 seconds; neither should the player character. There should be at least a moment of getting up to speed when moving. Animations for actions like eating, drinking and sleeping may seem trivial to some, but there are those for whom these things bring a whole new level of realism to the game. For those who don't like it, add an option to turn such sequences on or off. If any developers read this, please give everything listed here strong consideration. I'll be eagerly anticipating what I know will be a truly memorable adventure.

User Info: Ruppe21

6 years ago#10
The only thing I'm worried about is the variety in weapons and gear types.
I know they will come trough with the rest but I'm afraid they will have the same boring equipment
system Oblivion had.

They should also definitely lose the level-scaling because it removes all the challenge of the game
and makes levelling up seem pointless after reaching level 10.
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