One thing bethesda needs to do

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User Info: hippo_overlord

7 years ago#11
"I think if you die in-game the console should release poison gas to kill you and anyone in the immediate area."

Thanks for bringing this important issue up! Have you ever watched a friend or family member die in an Oblivion game, and just thought, "Wow, this dude is terrible at the game. Seriously, they are so bad that they should just die. They failed so hard that I should probably die too, just for witnessing it!" Well, I know I've been in that situation...and this is definitely the best solution to an ever-growing problem.

But allow me to improve on it. What if, when you die in the game, the console sends a signal to the TV, and both the console and television explode, sending shards of plastic and metal into all nearby people!? I know you're probably thinking, "Hippo overlord, you seriously need to smash your computer. You are not fit to be part of the human race." Don't worry, I've heard that one many of times from my parents, but let me explain!

When I was a younger lad, my grandmother died, and her car was given to my parents. I thought, "Wow, when I die I don't want anyone to take my stuff! I would rather my stuff was just destroyed!" Do you want family members stealing your electronics after you die!? Of course not, so it might as well be destroyed along with you!

Who's with me!?

User Info: ramrod24xxx

7 years ago#12
Take it to the next level. ES V with Kinect. Now oyu may say ramrod24xxx thats dumb! But listen, imagine playing, sword fighting with swords and when you get hit you get a real cut by the kinect sending a pulse to your brain saying "hey brain this elf just sliced him! Make him feel pain!" and so it does! You climb mountains and get fatigued to the point of death, you feel the cold and snow of Skyrim! Spells affect you and your game character and death results in an early grave for the player! All hail The elder scrolls extreme kinect style! True fantasy lived! TO THE NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Games I want to be announced: HL2:E3, KH3, SWBF3, TES:V
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