Damn Mudcrabs!

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User Info: ajd24

6 years ago#1



GT: Elder Scrolls 5

User Info: hippo_overlord

6 years ago#2
If mudcrabs died easily, nobody would play as one.

User Info: Rayno_2004

6 years ago#3
6 easy steps for riding the world of mudcrabs!

1. equip warhammer - must be two handed
2. find mudcrab
3. find rock near mudcrab
4. jump off rock towards mudcrab
5. do the disarm hit (pulling back as you swing)
6. watch mudcrab fly a good 50-60 feet

but seriously....how in the world do people in the elder scrolls world die to mudcrabs.....
Gametag: Raynofett

User Info: slothica

6 years ago#4
All hail the mighty Spectral Mudcrab.
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