Morrowind and Oblivion (for players fond of both)

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User Info: Burnout__Dragon

7 years ago#21
I guess what I'm saying is that Morrowid was better if and only if you were inspired to follow the vague directions they give you like I was. i completed the game by myself without faqs, and then looked up a bunch of unique weapons and armor so i could be mega awesome. Morrowind is better for those who like a challenge. I loved both games but still think morrowind was better overall. a nice balance between oblivion's style and morrowind's would be nice though.

User Info: zachbell47

7 years ago#22
I definitely think that Morrowind's story was much much much better than Oblivion's. It was much longer and more in depth.
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User Info: xcrimslimx1

7 years ago#23
Oblivion was way too simple. It told you exactly where to do for quests, where the enemies you had to kill were, how many, etc. Then I absolutely hated how everything leveled with you. It got rid of the sense of superiority. In Morrowind, you start out as a true nobody, very weak, not sure what's going on, and then the longer you play, the stronger you become. You eventually aren't as afraid of fighting the "tougher" enemies since you are now stronger yourself. Then the fact that you could try to get some of the best armor right away was encouraging. You want to get the best, so you search everywhere, and it's often hidden in dangerous places.

From the two games, they should get rid of:
-Oblivion's form of fast travel
-Oblivion's scaled leveling system
-Oblivion's quests where they hold your hand
-Morrowind's journal
-Morrowind's fighting system
-Morrowind's annoying creatures (i.e. Cliff Racers)

They should bring back:
-Morrowind's vast amount of quests - they seemed endless!
-Morrowind's guild system
-Morrowind's form of fast travel (Mages Guild, Silt Striders, etc)
-Morrowind's culture (being in an unknown land compared to Oblivion where you're basically in human territory)
-Morrowind's body guards (Remember going to Mournhold and finding that body guard right away? That was one of the coolest things having someone follow you and fight with you forever basically)
-Oblivion's fighting system
-Oblivion's Arena (loved the Roman feel of that)
-Oblivion's landscape (it seemed like in Morrowind on the mainland, it was all just rocky and mountainous unless you were right along the coasts)

There's so much more that they should get rid of and keep. I loved both games, but I feel like Morrowind was far superior to its successor.
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User Info: cbechtel_35

7 years ago#24
here is what i want:

1. bring back spears as those were what i always used
2. i want them to make finding ships fun. there are tons of sunken ships in morrowind but there were none in oblivion. plus, whenever you would find a sunken ship, it would have really good stuff in it like one ship had a daedric shortsword in it, i remember.
3 DONT MAKE DAEDRIC EQUIPMENT SO EASY TO FIND!!! i hated can walk out of a dungeon in oblivion with a complete set of daedric items and sell them for 8000+
4. put more than cloth and yarn and paint brushes in houses that have a chest in them...there was never much to ever steal on your own and that was very annoying
5. Get rid of the compass. make you find things on your own...sometimes it will tell you to find a place but it puts a marker right on where it is so it kinda defeats the purpose of telling you to find it.
6. Get rid of the limited dialog. there were some characters that you could only ask them about rumors.
7. Be able to join the guard and do missions to further the empire.
8. Reward you for exploring. Do any of you remember the dragonscale armor where you had to walk/swim (depends on if you have waterwalk or not) a long ways from vivec i think? well anyways you had to find an island in the middle of the ocean and swim through the cave and find the dragonscale armor which was one of the best pieces in the game.
9. create more variety in the weapon/armor material.
10. Just put more variety in everything. thats how morrowind was and oblivion seemed to follow a guide on dungeons and whatnot. every imperial fortress was the same and all caves were the same too. just need variety

now dont get me wrong, i love oblivion AND morrowind but it just seems like they need to fix alot from morrowind had abunch of its problems too but they didnt annoy me as much...i loved the spell and combat system from oblivion. that was a really big improvement
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