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User Info: Famine_10f4

6 years ago#1

I don't know if there is already a topic like this, but being that there are already 20 pages worth of threads I'm not going to search. I'll start off by saying that I'm extremely excited for this game as are many other people are and hope to see some in-game stuff soon. Anyways, heres what I hope for.

Thievery: I always loved it in open world games where I can sneak into a home when everyone is asleep and steal stuff, I found with Oblivion and even in Fallout that there was never anything great to steal, evey chest was always deseieve. there would be times where I would find a chest with a hard lock on it but inside would be clothes, even in place likecastels. I would like there to be good things to actually steal, say a safethat would containall the person's wealth or say in a store all the money they might have made that day, or at the very least have it where a chest withhard locksdoesn't contain worthless items in it.

Bank: Perhaps because I would just want to steal from it but I thought it would have always been cool to have a bank, a place where you and otherNPCs would place they're money or goods, perhaps have a robin hood like mission.

Graphics: I think they'vesaid that Skyrim would be running on a different engine from the last game, I hope to see way more people on screen, more objects. One thing that really annoyed me was seeing reused textures and spaces everywhere. Every dungeon had the same look, some of the stores even had the same layout as the others.

Loading screens: I know there are going to be there but I hope they can find a way of avoiding them. I would love to enter a home/dungeon/a building of some sort with loading screen but once inside there are none.

Guards: For what ever reason when say I go into a home at night and murder someone silently as soon as I leave the guards some how know what I did. I hope they can tone thi down.

Interactions between characters: I would love to see characters talk more with one another, or have them more interesting. Say if I stole stuff from someone maybe I would see them at the bank the next day trying to get a loan or complaining to the guards, I always find it funny when I would steal everything from say an armour shop and the owners talk like they're oblivious to it.

Consequences: Mass Effect is great with that, Oblivion had the ability to choose what you say but really there was no consequences for asking the wrong thing which got annoying. I hope there to be good and bad in the game, sort of like in Mass Effect.

User Info: pormogo

6 years ago#2
I just hope I'm able to climb a mountain with the new mechanics.
GT: underworld toad

User Info: Twidger

6 years ago#3
In terms of consequences, I just want it to be like:

Evil Choices = Your personal gain, at the loss of others

Good Choices = Your personal loss, at the gain of others
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User Info: liquidleonx3

6 years ago#4
More combat options. Ah I guess a better combat system overall.
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User Info: 0060000

6 years ago#5
bigger sandbox area than oblivion.

fly dragons

when i kill people they stay dead and bodies stay on ground and after a while start to rot and turn into skellies

not using fallout level up system- always preferred oblivions

no level cap like 30 thats bs. make it 99

hardcore mode with no fast travel. make it more hardcore than new vegas

User Info: Dmurl5

6 years ago#6
hardcore mode with no fast travel. make it more hardcore than new vegas

Oblivion had that. It was called "not using fast travel". Made the game much more exciting.


6 years ago#7
Choosing not to fast-travel isn't really the same as F:NV's Hardcore mode though.

User Info: Dmurl5

6 years ago#8
Choosing not to fast-travel isn't really the same as F:NV's Hardcore mode though.

That is a very good point. It just kind of....irks me when people complain about how broken Oblivion's fast travel was. I mean, if it breaks your game then just don't use it.

User Info: pyroman93

6 years ago#9
I don't know if there is already a topic like this

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User Info: BackingMyCrack

6 years ago#10
I don't like the idea of a level cap. The point of games like these is to create the most powerful character you can and have fun with it. So no level cap at all.

More choices in weapons and better designs too.

More rare and unique items, no matter how ridiculous they might be.

Four player co-op. Would be nice to get together and then go pillage a small town or set up a nice robbery of a castle or something like that. To go exploring and fight a bunch of ogres in the mountains would be nice as well.

Make it so that the towns are in the same cell as the wilderness. Like Morrowind. When you enter a town it won't have to load, and it would also make for more interesting scenarios if a Minotaur or a pack of wolves decided to follow you into town.

A conversation system like the one Mass Effect has couldn't hurt.
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