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User Info: sk00p

6 years ago#21

From: mixedlion | #020
I could do without multiplayer, single player rpgs are obsolete these days with multiplayer and online features taking over.

However, being just as excited for this game, I'd like to see:

-Return of polearms/crossbows: Spears, halberds, double-edged swords/maces, they need to make a return. With a new physics engine and potentially combat system, this would be epic. Crossbows are also an underrated weapon I'd like to see return (and enhanced).

-Dual wielding: If its possible...I'd like to see the possibility of dual wielding or allowing to utilize a weapon in your free-hand as a shield.

-Target aiming: Being able to attack certain body parts and allow it to have an effect depending on your weapon. For instance, smacking someone in the head with a mace increases the chance of stunning them while an arrow to the head can be a potential one-hit kill. Hitting someone in the leg with a melee weapon can trip them while an arrow can slow them down. Just allows for more creative fighting.

-Better use of the environment/traps: Would love to see the player have to use his/her environment to their advantage, as in being able to knock someone off a bridge/cliff (intentionally with a power attack or something), stun an enemy unconcious underwater (causing him/her to drown). Also, being able to set traps on an enemy would be fun (possibly a new stealth ability), as you improve the skill you will be able to set better traps and mastery allows you to create your own (much like spells).

-Marriage/romance: This is a minor thing really, but I would love to see marriageable NPCs, maybe a certain few for different quests. It wouldn't be turning Skyrim into a dating sim, but it would add flavor to the story. Nothing too fancy in that department.

-Better character creation/preset faces available: For those who do not want to mod or have ugly characters, definitely work on the facial models and even add a few presets for each race/gender for those who want an attractive character.

-Customizable weapons, armor, and shields: Many love mages because they can craft their own spells but warriors and thieves can't craft their own armor, shields, and weapons, at least without magic. I'd like to see stores that allow you to implement attributes to your weapons and armor and even have dyes that allow you to change their color. Insignias (perhaps those relating to the gods, such as Kynareth or Stendarr) can also work.

-Religion: Yes this one will come under attack, but since Oblivion focused on prophecy of Akatosh, I'd love to see your character perhaps take on a patron god or goddess (optionally), and receive bonuses and benefits for being in service to that god/goddess and penalties should you go against their will, such as Zenith rewarding charity but disallowing stealing, Dibella good interactions and punishing mean ones, etc..., this would be an optional and cool character creation trait. Would also give the option for Daedra/Aedra worship and racial pantheons if the player so chooses, daedra worshippers would be persecuted by the Nine Divines inquisitors and what not. Would be a cool and optional addition.

I really want a spear something more ranged than a sword and def duel wielding.
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User Info: deadpool223

6 years ago#22
id love spears.

maybe a wheel lock rifle, dwarves had them and it confuses me that there no longer around
better spell system
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User Info: Cambysoup07

6 years ago#23
"realistic spell"


User Info: LaxSlacker27

6 years ago#24
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: sk00p

6 years ago#25

From: LaxSlacker27 | #024
Duel wielding? I swear to god, you guya never stop with this homo crap. If you could duel wield something in Forza, you would.

DUAL lol my bad
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User Info: Shah138

6 years ago#26
Shape shifting
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