Favorite lines from Oblivion

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User Info: Ruppe21

7 years ago#61
I saw a mudcrab the other day,filthy creatures.

User Info: GPLight25

7 years ago#62
I'm suprised nobody said this one yet.

"Oh look at you, you've got some nimble fingers on ya.....I see you". haha I think it is when you are caught stealing or something but the first time it happened to me the person that said it was like a floor above me so it scared the hell out of me.

User Info: kungfao

7 years ago#63
lolol ya^

"you have some nimble fingers, what have you been getting yourself into?"

also i had this little scenerio happen to me when i was playing way back when that i thought was hilarious

so i was strolling down imperial city when im suddenly ambushed by a mythic dawn agent. a guard swiftly came my aid and felled the evil doer with a single slash. after the brief battle, i turned to see the same guard that killed the agent, lean over and check the body's pulse. He got right up and exclaimed, "SOMEONES BEEN MURDERED!" I laughed so hard it hurt.
if you are reading this then it means i have spoken


7 years ago#64
one time late game i was walking around in town(can't remember which one) and some lady walks up to me and said* You smell like death*

I was like * well that is just rude* and proceeded to kill her (evil character at the time) after words i did stop and think * When was my last bath??*

User Info: Gmoney91111

7 years ago#65

My favorite was:

"Got anything on your mind, furlicker?"

HAHAHAHAHA, Those racist bastards!! And Yes, I was a Khajiit

User Info: strange_rorek

7 years ago#66
My favorite is the outtake when you speak to female elves about rumors :)

"I heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, the Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!~~~~~~~ wait a minute, let me do that one again~~~~~~~~~ [repeats]"

I giggled when I first encountered that tiny error XD
Your momma so ghetto, she looks like a donkey...

User Info: SILKA

7 years ago#67
The Powdered Deer Penis line, I don't remember the exact line.
And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

User Info: Kanedawa251

7 years ago#68
"Hey young man!!!"

..........Oh wait, wrong game...


random guy: "Those smelly orcs!"
orc: "I agree."
*other guy with the same voice walks up*
"When you die, you wake up in a magical world where everything is perfect,
and then you get shot in the face."
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User Info: DeadlySmurf

7 years ago#69
"You want to fight in the arena? My grandmother could beat you and she's dead! Ahahahahaha-wait, you're serious"
Some people are like slinkys, not at all useful but you can't help but smile when you push them down the stairs.

User Info: Kgamer9

7 years ago#70
Do you know why Khajits lick their butts?
To get the taste of their cooking out of their mouths.
or something like that
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