am I one of the few

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User Info: memo76

7 years ago#1
that loved Oblivion?
I could wander the game world exploring caves and ruins OR I could fast travel when I was questing.
I never had to worry about braking the game. In morrowind 5 seconds into the game you could kill a NPC and boom game is broke. I just felt Oblivion was smooth and polished compared to Morrowind that felt very clunky and disjointed

User Info: rross46

7 years ago#2
I loved it. And yes, I didn't play Morrowind (PC was too crappy). So obviously I am veiwing it in a different light to others. It has its flaws, but I still think it is the best next gen RPG around.

User Info: jjgIII

7 years ago#3
I played both and loved both. Some things Oblivion did better(combat), some Morrowind did better(enchanting system much deeper). I think some people are just resistant to change....
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix

User Info: ArchMageSynok

7 years ago#4
That was one thing I loved in Morrowind, the ability to kill anyone if you wanted to, even major quest givers if you wanted to. I loved spend a real life week planning out and killing the kind undetected in Tribunal. I don't see how anyone could complain about that when it told you if that person was important when you killed them and it gave you an option to reload or continue if you wanted to.
"But when I looked down, I saw that I hadn't kicked a hole in a baby. I kick a hole in a bag of flour! I'd been tricked!" -Count Olaf

User Info: ArchMageSynok

7 years ago#5
"But when I looked down, I saw that I hadn't kicked a hole in a baby. I kick a hole in a bag of flour! I'd been tricked!" -Count Olaf

User Info: recon_7

7 years ago#6
there's a lot of haters on this website, but remember oblivion is a very highly rated game, there's literally a ton of people that love the game (94 at metacritic)... i've been dying for another.

a lot (not all) of the people that like morrowind better dont like change.. they got familiar with their formula for morrowind and dont like it done differently.

I hope bethesda learns a bit from both of the recent elder scrolls (morrowind and oblivion) to make an even better game...
Gamertag: Recon 7

User Info: 123patapon

7 years ago#7
I liked oblivion a lot, but I loved morrowind dearly.

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