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User Info: ArchMageSynok

6 years ago#11
I guess it is, I already have level 36 character from 4-6-09 on my hard drive. sweet.
"But when I looked down, I saw that I hadn't kicked a hole in a baby. I kick a hole in a bag of flour! I'd been tricked!" -Count Olaf

User Info: Swede_Blood

6 years ago#12

From: shawn B | #007
was that the guy who made you get naked before he'd help you? That dude was a creep.

I know who you're talking about though
"Don't worry about the motion of the ocean. Lets go fishing, if I've got the notion." - Captain Mike

User Info: bigboyhowdy2

6 years ago#13
^That was Crassius Curio :D <3 House Hllalu. They had the best manor. <3 Rethan Manor.

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