My personal wishlist (magic, combat, misc)

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User Info: JustAScrub

7 years ago#51

From: superfly2222222 | #034
I would also like more ways to spend your in game cash. I felt money became somewhat obsolete after a while,

To me, money was obsolete right from the get-go in Oblivion. You can create all the potions you could ever want, and sell the ones you don't need. Any armor or weapons you could possibly want you can get through loot. The only truly worthwhile thing to spend money on in Oblivion is the skill training.

So, I too would like to see more uses for my gold in Skyrim. I have high hopes for this one. Bethesda usually listens to their fans pretty well, and it seems unanimous that people want a game that doesn't hold your hand as much. There's also no doubt in my mind that they'll do away with the silly loot/monster scaling. Fans have been pretty outspoken about their displeasure with that system.
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User Info: wanderingvlad

7 years ago#52
id like the werewolf disease fom tribunal and a lunar or seasonal cyle for vampirism like your stronger during the season you contracted a werewolf or vampiric diseases. also i would like an aging system so if 2 years in game time pass you look different and if your character is very old you move slower .....and also diseases make you weak or slow.

User Info: fallen_one_84

7 years ago#53
key ring because scrolling through 50+ keys takes a while
folder view+ separate equipment by category because scrolling through 30-50 different weapons when equipping a bow and arrow is ridiculous.
able to delete spells. scrolling thru the spell list and finding out I have 10 different fire spells makes me sad.

also dual wield i would love to use dual daedric daggers.
some sort of batch enchant/poison for arrows and throwing weapons.

levitate and slow fall should make you need 50 alteration.
there should be dungeons that are hard to reach without levitate.

like a small cave with a unique weapon or armor or alchemy ingredients. that is located near the top of a mountain.
that can only be reached through a tough dungeon with a random boss monster that can drop rare items.

and some random bosses that are different sizes that spawn in special dungeons.
places that have rare loot.

also some sort of crafting system so you can make semi unique items from the monsters.
for example you kill the giant frost wolf you can make a dagger that doe's frost damage.
or some adamantine armor from ore found in the stomach of a monster that eats rocks.

stole the last one from monster hunter.
GT: fallen one 84
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  3. My personal wishlist (magic, combat, misc)

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