Do you want those useless item shops back?

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User Info: Badprenup

7 years ago#11
We need a lot of the non static decorative items like candles and pillows back too. If they gave us an easy way to manipulate objects in game that would be nice. Just a button that when you hold it, you can use the Right analog to rotate the object on it's x and y axis.
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User Info: sum1t00kmyname

7 years ago#12
speaking of super weapons you can get with in 15 minutes, i loved to do that thing with the cave near balmora and the guy in st olms place to get a deadric weapon before ive done anything else. its very satisfying.
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User Info: Valtiel43

7 years ago#13
runnindude1236 | Posted 12/19/2010 1:08:38 AM | message detail
I miss how in Morrowind I would always go to this one particular city and this one particular shop, kill the owner, pay the fine, then go back and get all his loot. The place had like ebony gauntlets and like 5 ebony darts that you could get less than an hour into the game. Thats the kind of thing i miss from Morrowind.

I know who you're talking about, and I did the exact same thing, lol. I think he also had a glass dagger and he was in Suran.
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User Info: Overworked

7 years ago#14
I totally want the shops back! I need my yarn and wooden bowls.
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User Info: CubanCruzader

7 years ago#15

What was with that lady in balmora who had like 85+ pillows in her house ? (one of the first few fighters guild quests I think)

User Info: dark_lord_havoc

7 years ago#16
First thing I always did was go to the guard tower in Balmora and get the Sword of White Woe. Ebony enchanted worth 15000.

User Info: runnindude1236

7 years ago#17
Soon after collecting my booty in Suran, I went after the Masque of Clavicus Vile and the Iceblade of the Monarch
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User Info: dragramis

7 years ago#18
I soo hope the bring back someone like the talking mud crab merchant or the creeper.
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  3. Do you want those useless item shops back?

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