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User Info: elfistein

6 years ago#1
I hope you can customize your player further.. Like body size, boobs,etc..... and don't forget the age

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

6 years ago#2
I love how boobs are the second thing mentioned.
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User Info: sum1t00kmyname

6 years ago#3
thatd be swwet, then id make my badass orc beserker have manboobs
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User Info: RevolverRez

6 years ago#4
My Orc is huge and as huge boobs. Huge boobs for a huge Orc.
I saw what you did there...

User Info: FruityCray0n

6 years ago#5
tiny woodelf with huge moobs....oh lawwd
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User Info: Xbox_Wizard13

6 years ago#6

With Fruity's idea + skin tone changer, you can make a Snooki character. I would do that just to make hilarious death scenes to entertain myself with.

User Info: XboxGuy1537

6 years ago#7

Yeah I liked how you mentioned boobs in there. :)

User Info: RavensRules69

6 years ago#8
First of all, I <3 Boobies. Second, I would love to be able to add tattoos or scars to my character, to add some additional realism. Also, longer hair; I'd love to make a character that looks like the Mage on the Arena poster in Oblivion.

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User Info: MoogleOmega

6 years ago#9
I litterally loled at the boobs.

So many hilarious possibilities.....
Clutch188 in moogle form

User Info: theonecoolest1

6 years ago#10
post #7

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