So is Kreia in this?

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User Info: Rafiki_Kahn

7 years ago#1

User Info: ReIaxiles

7 years ago#2
I want a proper KotOR 3, dammit.

**** you and your MMORPG.
~Dr. FishyStick

User Info: GruntBday567

7 years ago#3
^Hell Yeah!
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User Info: Falkaisis

7 years ago#4
Kreia is awesome.
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User Info: Captain_Sorzo

7 years ago#5
I wish.

*Mourns the lack of KOTOR 3*
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User Info: Badprenup

7 years ago#6
Talk to Obsidian Entertainment guys, after they finish fixing their glitch ridden Fallout:NV they are making Dungeon Siege 3 and an unannounced project. They did KOTOR 2 and not a single good AND playable game since. New Vegas was good, but for many people it isn't playable.
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User Info: SirNordLeg

7 years ago#7
If only she was. If only...
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User Info: clone11

7 years ago#8

Sigh. This entire topic makes me sad.

MMOs... Sigh. Thank the Nine Divines Bethesda knows what people want generally.. Unlike some people.. coughbiowarecough.

User Info: killermudmonkey

7 years ago#9

From: ReIaxiles | #002
I want a proper KotOR 3, dammit.

**** you and your MMORPG.

I half agree. I think it's a travesty such a great series is going to waste (KotOR is my favorite game all time, KotOR 2 is somewhere in the top 5). But I'm also excited for the MMO, and hope it does better than Galaxies. *sigh* Galaxies was so good, but they just had to **** it up.
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