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User Info: BlakeFTW

6 years ago#1
I hope to god that they actually make them different from each other in his game. Bladed weapons were basically

the same thing as blunt weapons, only skinned differently. Yeah yeah, blunt had warhammers, but aside from that

it was a largely inferior option due to unique swords being much more common. Blunt and blade should posses

different traits, like blunt being stronger on heavily armored opponents where as blade could be more effective on

flesh. At the very least give them different animations . Any thoughts?

User Info: allsome

6 years ago#2
Makes sense.
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User Info: sonofsmeagle

6 years ago#3

idk but i found that blunt worked much better on zombies and heavy NPCs and blade on light armour maybe was just me actually yeh it was just me imagining it i do hope they bring that into it maybe like in mount and blade would be good

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