"You N'wah!"

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User Info: 360gamer92

6 years ago#1
What exactly is a n'wah? O_O
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User Info: Foorizzle

6 years ago#2
It's a curse word used by Dark Elves native to Morrowind to refer to outsiders.
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User Info: Shaminardrgn

6 years ago#3
Dont forget "S'wit" and everyones favourite..."Fetcher"
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User Info: KillimonFRENZY

6 years ago#4
"Beg for mercy, snowman!"
I always loved hearing this taunt when I played a Redguard.
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User Info: kingcodebra

6 years ago#5
*Attacked by Dark Elf*

N'Wah! N'Wah! I'm Stoopid!

(Actual conversation)

She was gonna say "I'm gonna kill you" or something but when I killed her she said, "Stoopid"
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User Info: thespecialK45

6 years ago#6
I thought it was a racial slur for a Redguard but apparently it's all foreigners.
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User Info: LemantDarkfire

6 years ago#7
If you have the PC version of Morrowind and play with the editor, you can see that "Beg for mercy, snowman" was SUPPOSED to be the way that High Elf males yelled at Nords... but apparently it didn't work out that way....
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